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Lucid Sight, Inc.
Based in Los Angeles, CA

Release date:
September 28, 2016

Gear VR


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Z-Strike puts you at the helm of a powerful drone as you shoot your way through increasingly treacherous waves of zombie hordes in a desperate attempt to save the last of mankind. Take to the skies in the dead of night with your choice of drone weapon to protect your bunker - and the survivors running to take safety within.  

Use your superior flight skills and powerful weapons to take out the hordes of undead: slow shamblers, hulking beasts, and agile jumpers alike. The longer you fight, the greater the challenge becomes, as their numbers only grow with time. Survival is dependent on your skill, precision and the advanced weapon upgrades you gain throughout your missions. Hope for the future rests on your shoulders! Will you rise to the challenge?


  • 4 Unlockable Weapons

  • Tiered Weapon Upgrades

  • 2 Immersive Levels

  • 2 Game Modes of Endlessly Growing Difficulty



PolyRunner VR
PolyRunner VR
PolyRunner VR
PolyRunner VR
PolyRunner VR
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