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At Lucid Sight, our goal is to develop innovative games and apps using emerging technologies. We’ve utilized the blockchain, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality in tandem with our game development, and we’ve also created monetization and marketing platforms for some of the most innovative brands in tech, entertainment, and consumer packaged goods.

Lucid Sight has released 10 first-party games and apps, and we’re currently focused on blockchain-based games and applications. You can see some of what we've done below or check out our games section for a taste of our work in VR.


Lucid Sight was formed in 2015 by Randy Saaf, Octavio Herrera, and Fazri Zubair. Randy and Octavio had early success in the mobile gaming industry as co-founders of Jirbo, an Apple App Store launch partner that secured 14 of the first 100 free games on the platform. Jirbo eventually transformed into AdColony, which sold to Opera Media Works for $350 million. Randy and Octavio then teamed up with our CTO and Studio Head, Fazri Zubair. Fazri's knowledge of the gaming space and his experience running a dev studio made him an easy choice to lead our development team, and we haven't looked back. 


Randy, Octavio, and Fazri built the rest of Lucid Sight from the ground up with game industry veterans hailing from EA, Crystal Dynamics, and DreamWorks, and with experience in all aspects of game development spanning console, mobile, PC, and web. From the very beginning, the Lucid Sight vision has focused on exploring emerging technologies, whether it be mobile apps, AR, VR, and most recently, blockchain gaming.





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