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Introducing: HeroCade

Welcome to the Lucid Sight developer blog! Here's where you'll find some updates on what we've been up to. Currently, all hands on deck are focused on HeroCade, which we’re working hard to release on Playstation VR later this year.

Try your hand at 9 different titles, each requiring a different skillset to master. Quick reflexes, a steady hand, guts of steel - HeroCade is all about challenging you. Explore the world around you and score big on each game to unlock more and more rooms to play in. The more you explore, the more HeroCade unravels: each of the different game rooms has its own theme and story, hinting at a grander mystery.

Play all of our released games: PolyRunner, Gumi no Yume, Space Bit Attack, 405 Road Rage, and Z-Strike - and a few titles we’ve yet to drop, all requiring the best of the best to unlock the mysteries of the HeroCade.

We're also bringing Otherworld Internal Project's haunting VR experience Sisters and White Door Games's Dreadhalls to HeroCade. Sisters is an episodic experience - a haunted house meets VR escape in which users must sift through an old, abandoned house in search of their sister. It has been selected as one of Sundance 2016's New Frontier Selections. Dreadhalls is an intense horror escape game that places users in a dimly lit dungeon and tasks them with making it out alive. It won Best Sound Design at the 2014 Proto Awards and received an Honorable Mention at the 2013 Oculus IndieCade VR Jam.

We’ve got our work cut out for us, but we’re excited to get this out to you soon!

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