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An open-source multiplayer solution that empowers game devs to Get to Fun Faster™.

Built on Node.js

about lucid sight

Lucid Sight was founded in 2015 in Los Angeles, California, and started its journey with the goal of developing technologies to support the evolving gaming landscape. Lucid Sight has innovated on and explored new technologies across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, VR, Console, and PC), working with major IPs and brands. To date, Lucid Sight has built over two dozen games, apps, and experiences using its cutting-edge multiplayer tech stack. These games include MLB Champions, CSC x Star Trek, and Justice League for PSVR. In 2021 Lucid Sight acquired Colyseus, a 6 year old open-source multiplayer engine built on JavaScript. Colysues joins Lucid Sight's existing technology stack to create Colyseus Arena, a cloud solution for the democratization of multiplayer game development.  Colyseus Arena unlocks the ability to create multiplayer games without networking expertise. Game creators will be freed from the complexities of network engineering to focus on the experience: Get to Fun Faster ™ 














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INtroducing colyseus!

An open-source multiplayer solution that empowers game devs to Get To Fun Faster™. Built on Node.js

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Lucid SIght acquires colyseus

February 19th, 2021

Lucid Sight will continue to add to the Colyseus open-source library of features in conjunction with the open-source community. Fazri Zubair, chief technology officer at Lucid Sight, said in a statement that the engine has been downloaded by more than 250,000 developers and studios. They use it to create multiplayer game servers. Its main feature is that you can deploy it without the need for a network engineer.


MLB Champions™

Mar 28th, 2019

MLB and Lucid Sight are pleased to announce MLB Champions™, now available now on iOS and Android! Get ready to own Officially Licensed MLB Digital Collectibles! Download the game today!

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StarTrek:Picard + CSC Event

May 19th, 2020

Lucid Sight is thrilled to announce the return of Star Trek in the CSC Universe! Battle against the Borg in the massive Star Trek: Picard + CSC in-game event. Or take part in the limited time auctions for First Fleet ships from the Star Trek: Picard series. To find out more about the event click below!



Sept 21st, 2018

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Lucid Sight are proud to present the first ever Crypto Bobblehead Figures! These unique collectibles, represent a monumental moment in sports and blockchain history as the first Crypto giveaway in major league sports.


Star Trek™ + CSC Divergence Event

August 29th, 2019

Star Trek™ ships have drifted into the CSC Universe! The FIRST Star Trek™ ships ever minted on the blockchain will be auctioned off during this limited time event. These six ships are the 1st official Star Trek™ ERC - 721 Ethereum Blockchain Digital Collectible. To find out more about the event click below!


Lucid Sight raises $6 million to take blockchain games to traditional platforms.

Los Angeles-based Lucid Sight has now raised $11 million to fuel the growth of its digital ownership games company will also launch Scarcity Engine, a software developer tool that will help bridge the gap between blockchain and traditional gaming platforms.

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MLB Champions™

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