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What We Do

At Lucid Sight, our goal is to develop innovative games and apps using emerging technologies. We’ve utilized the blockchain, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality in tandem with our game development, and we’ve also created monetization and marketing platforms for some of the most innovative brands in tech, entertainment, and consumer packaged goods.

Lucid Sight has released 10 first-party games and apps, and we’re currently focus on blockchain-based games and applications. You can see some of what we've done below or check out our games section for a taste of our work in VR.

blockchain development

As a team of seasoned game developers, nothing gets us more excited than the blockchain. Our goal is to create games where players have true ownership over their in-game characters, items, and overall progress – the blockchain makes all this possible. We’ve utilized both the strengths and weaknesses of the blockchain and designed our games around them, and we hope to inspire more game developers to do the same.

crypto space commander

Your Universe, Your Rules

On the Ethereum Blockchain

Major League Baseball digital collectibles are coming to the Ethereum blockchain!

MLB Crypto Baseball is a blockchain-based collectible game that anyone can play using their very own crypto collectibles!

The blockchain turns your digital collectibles into true collectibles by providing scarcity, immutability, and proof of ownership for each and every figure. 

Coming Soon!

Your Very Own Emoji, Your Very Own Economy - #Emojinomics

Digital collectibles. Secured by the blockchain. By anyone. For everyone.

Custom VR/AR Development

Let Lucid Sight build your next VR/AR game, app or animated 360° video.  Below is a sample of some of our past and existing work:

VR games and apps

AR games, apps, and lenses

Animated 360° videos

VR enhanced traditional 2D video

PlayStation VR porting


360 VR Camera Capture Rig is plugin designed to help Unity Developers share VR games with minimal effort. Use this plugin to quickly create 360 Images, 360 Stereoscopic Images.

VR Trailer Maker is a simple cloud solution to create 360 videos for promoting your VR games and/or experiences. 

Work With Us

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