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about us

Lucid Sight was founded in 2015 by a team of innovative entrepreneurs with more than 15 years of experience in the software industry. Our team has been developing mobile apps for movie studios, music labels, and name brands since the birth of the modern mobile platforms - and we're only just getting started. Our primary focus is to develop unique interactive experiences by utilizing the emerging advantages of Blockchain technology.


Our first-party games have earned more than 1 million downloads and can be found on Steam, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Daydream, and PlayStation VR.  Our third-party projects include work for some of the most well-recognized brands in technology, entertainment, and consumer packaged goods.

Our Blockchain Work

crypto space commander

Your Universe, Your Rules

On the Ethereum Blockchain

Space is a vast, endless expanse with uncharted regions everywhere you look. 

Maybe you’ll become a researcher and discover new planets in the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Maybe you’ll operate a transport vessel and deliver goods to space stations and other adventurers. Or maybe you’ll retrofit your ship with extra blasters and shields to hunt for the most dangerous criminals in the universe.


In CSC it's your journey and your rules. Battle, trade, craft, and own your little corner of the Etherverse!

UPDATE MAY 2018 - The CSC mini game, Mining Expedition Alpha (MEA) is out now!

Major League Baseball crypto collectibles are coming to the Ethereum blockchain!

MLB Crypto Baseball is a blockchain-based collectible game that anyone can play using their very own crypto collectibles!

The blockchain turns your crypto collectibles into true collectibles by providing scarcity, immutability, and proof of ownership for each and every figure. 

Coming Soon!

Cryptibles are blockchain-secured digital collectibles. They can be collected, stored, and shared easily by mobile users! ​


Cryptibles are created by brands with affinity, mobile game developers, makers, influencers, and consumers to harness the benefits of crypto assets: ​

  • Rarity

  • Proof of Ownership

  • Immutability

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