about lucid sight

Founded in 2015, Lucid Sight is a game developer based out of Los Angeles California that focuses on frontier gaming and its supporting technologies. They specialize in games with a Play To Earn focus. ​

Lucid Sight's first-party games have earned more than 1 million downloads and can be found on Steam, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Daydream, and PlayStation.  Third-party projects include work for some of the most well-recognized brands in technology, entertainment, and consumer packaged goods.

Our Team

Ben Mordue
Abril Martinez
David Velasquez
Erik Davis
Michelle Huttunen
Jose Paredes
Sana Tauqir
Farhan Khawaja
Miguel Robledo
Mitch Davis
Ruby Ronruen
Noah Edelman
Steve Yoshimura
Swathi Ashok
Donna Vu
Steve Townsend
Danial Jaffry
Isaac Montoya
Abdullah Nazarkhan
Guillaume Hubert
Alex Ceja
Jason Kokal
May Louie
River Boudreaux
Ryan Stancl
Sloan Tash
Phanary Om


Randy Saaf


Randy co-founded Jirbo, Inc in 2008. Jirbo was one of the first iPhone gaming companies and has some of the most downloaded iPhone games in the world. Jirbo became AdColony, one of the largest mobile video ad networks. AdColony was sold to Opera Mediaworks.

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Octavio Herrera


Octavio is a technology entrepreneur with successful track record starting and selling companies. He co-founded Jirbo, Inc in 2008. Jirbo changed its name to AdColony and transitioned from gaming to one of the largest mobile video ad networks. AdColony sold to Opera Mediaworks in 2014 for $350 million.

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Fazri Zubair


Fazri is a software engineer specializing blockchain, mobile apps, and emerging technologies (AR, VR, XR). He is a co-Founder and CTO of Lucid Sight, Inc which is actively developing Blockchain apps & technologies. He is the former VP of Technology for Literati Labs, GM / Technical Director for Collision Studios, and Studio Head / Technical Director for Blubox Games.  Fazri led the development of over 31 SKU's spanning console, VR, AR, PC and mobile platforms. This includes 5 Featured iOS App, 4 Featured Google Play Apps, and a #2 Ranked PlayStation VR Title.

  • 8 years of Software Development Experience.

  • Produced 32 Published Games & Apps, including 9 for Virtual Reality platforms.

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Will Kassoy

Former CEO of Ad Colony and Former Activision Exec

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Jonathan Zwieg
Founding CEO of Adcolony and CEO AppOnboard
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Nikao Yang
EVP Global Business Development AdColony
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josh jones
DreamHost Co-founder and Early Bitcoin Investor and Entrepreneur
Pete Wanat
20+ Year Video Game Industry Veteran
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