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Colyseus flexible framework can be designed to fit any multiplayer experience. In the last 5 years, Colyseus has been battle-tested, updated, and improved making it one of the fastest-growing solutions for multiplayer development. If you want to build games fast, focus on gameplay, and not iterate DevOps then Colyseus is the server for you.
Why choose Colyseus
  • Open-source - Now and Forever!
  • Node.js - Create your server using TypeScript or Javascript.
  • Active Community - Showoff your creations & get support
  • Built for Game Devs - Ever growing library of tools, videos,  and example code to help you Get to Fun Faster ™!

The fastest way to build and deploy your game with Colyseus. Arena is a fully managed solution that enables you to focus on your multiplayer game development leaving server management, infrastructure, and scaling to us. With Arena, you can setup, manage and update your Colyseus servers with a few clicks from an intuitive administration dashboard.

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